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Cannabis Spreads

Butter OK.png
Peanutbutter OK.png
HOney OK.png
Hazelnut OK.png

4oz Cannabis Infused Syrups

BLueRaspberry OK.png
Watermelon OK.png
Mango OK.png
Birthday Cake OK.png
Greenapple OK.png
Pineapple OK.png
Grape OK.png
Wild Cherry OK.png
Strawberry OK.png
Blackberry OK.png

2oz Cannabis Infused Syrups

2oz Watermelon.png
2oz Green Apple.png
2oz Blue Raspberry.png
2oz Pineapple.png
2oz Strawberry.png

Cannabis Infused Cookies

Birthday Cake.png
Double Chocolate Chip.png
Chocolate Chip.png
White Chocolate Chip.png

Cannabis Infused Brownies

Original Brownie.png
Double Chocolate Brownie.png
Almond Brownie.png
M&M Brownie.png

Cannabis Infused Cereal Bars

Pebble Blast.png

Cannabis Infused Chocolate

Dark Chocolate.png
White Chocolate.png
Milk Chocolate.png

Cannabis Infused Sour Cubes

Sourcubes Strawberry.png
Sourcubes Orange.png
Sourcubes Green Apple.png
Sourcubes Pink Lemonade.png
Sourcubes Blue Berry.png
Sourcubes Grape.png

Cannabis Infused Honey Sticks

Honey Sticks.png
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