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Cannabis Spreads

Honey CA.png
Peanutbutter CA.png
Hazelnut CA.png

2oz Cannabis Infused Syrups

2oz BlueRaspberry.png
2oz Pineapple.png
2oz Strawberry.png
2oz Grape.png
2oz Greenapple.png
2oz Watermelon.png

Cannabis Infused Cookies

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie.png
Snickerdoodle Cookie.png
Sugar Cookies.png
White Chocolate Chip Cookie.png
Peanut Butter Cookies.png

Cannabis Infused Sour Belts

blueberry sour belts.png
Watermelon Sour Belts.png
Strawberry Sour Belts.png
Green Apple Sour Belts.png

Cannabis Infused Sour Cubes

grape cubes.png
blueberry cubes.png
strawberry Cubes.png
Pink Lemonade Cubes.png
green apple cubes.png
orange cubes.png
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